Blankish -


These policies have been designed to protect both Handmade Wholesale Supplies and our Merchant customers.

  1. Blankish will review all applications for Wholesale access. We may reject applications without further explanation.
  2. Blankish will reject applications of any direct competitors.
  3. Applicants are required to have an active Social media presence and/or a current and stocked website to be approved. We may make exceptions to support start up businesses.
  4. Applicants may be required to supply a current ABN or ACN. The ABN/ACN must be related to the business applying for Merchant access. ie sell handmade clothing.  We may make exceptions to support start up businesses.
  5. Blankish reserves the right to cancel any approved accounts without notice or notification.
  6. Merchant accounts found to be making purchases for personal use may be removed.
  7. Wholesale Pricing is tiered with a minium of 10 units required before Wholesale Picing kicks in automatically.
  8. You must be logged in before Wholesale Pricing is visible

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions of media usage will result in the maximum action allowed under law.